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Saturday, December 03, 2005

CanLit Project Books 4-6

Book 4, Wilderness Tips (1991) - Margaret Atwood *active*
From the back cover:
"Some writers create rare moments when they change the way we look at ourselves and the world. Margaret Atwood does so consistently. In this extraordinary collection of short stories--some poignant, some scathingly humourous, all brilliant and oddly disturbing--she takes us into the strange and secret places of the heart and in the process reveals truths that cut to the bone."

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Book 5, The Rebel Angels (Book I of the Cornish Trilogy) (1981) - Robertson Davies *active*
From the back cover:
"Gypsies, defrocked monks, mad professors, and wealthy eccentrics -- a remarkable cast peoples Robertson Davies' brilliant spectacle of theft, perjury, murder, scholarship, and love at a modern university. Only Mr. Davies, author of Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders, could have woven together their destinies with such wit, humour -- and wisdom."

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Book 6, The Blue Mountains of China (1970) - Rudy Wiebe *active*
From the back cover:
"An epic novel that sweeps across a vast expanse of time and space, The Blue Mountains of China tells the unforgettable story of a group of Russian Mennonites in search of a land that would give them religious freedom. Alive with the excitement of a journey that began in the opressive poverty of a Russian village and ended on the Canadian prairie, this is the story of an unforgettable group of men and women--all determined, above all else, to triumph in their quest. More than a saga of generations, The Blue Mountains of China is a stirring testament to the enduring human spirit."

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