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Friday, November 25, 2005

CanLit Project Books 1-3

I decided it would be less unwieldy to break up my CanLit post, so I'll be doing them in groups of three, leaving the first post as an introduction.

Barometer Rising Book 1, Barometer Rising (1941) - Hugh MacLennan *active*
From the back cover:
"It is 1917, and the nightmare of World War One is dragging on through yet another winter. As far as Penelope Wain knows, her lover, Neil Macrae, has been killed while serving overseas under her father. That he died apparently in disgrace does not alter her love for him, even though her father is insistent on his guilt. What neither Penelope or her father knows is that Neil is not dead, but has returned to Halifax to clear his name.
Hugh MacLennan’s first novel is a compelling romance set against the horrors of wartime and the catastrophic Halifax Explosion of December 6, 1917."

I've started a bookring for this book. If you're interested in joining, PM me.

Other useful links:
the Wikipedia article on Hugh MacLennan
the CBC's pages about the Halifax Explosion
the Wikipedia article about the Halifax Explosion
Canada Archives map of the devastated area
Google's map of Halifax

Book 2, Such is My Beloved (1934) - Morley Callaghan *active*
From the back cover:
"One of the great novels of the 1930s, Such is My Beloved recounts the tragic story of two down-and-out prostitutes and the young priest who aspires to redeem their lives. The novel is at once a compassionate portrait of innocence and idealism and an emphatic condemnation of a society where the lines between good and evil are essentially blurred.
A richly textured exploration of love and sacrifice, of innocence and disillusionment, Such is My Beloved, is widely considered Callaghan's finest novel."

Other useful links:
the Wikipedia article on Morley Callaghan

Book 3, Children of My Heart (1977) - Gabrielle Roy *active*
From the publisher:
"Set in the prairies in the 1930s, and rich with the author’s own memories of her time there as a young woman, this is a powerful story of an impressionable and passionate young teacher and the pupils, from impoverished immigrant families, whose lives she touches. Children of My Heart bears unforgettable testimony to the healing power love exerts on the wounds of loneliness and poverty."

I've started a bookring for this book. If you're interested in joining, PM me.

Other useful links:
the Wikipedia article on Gabrielle Roy
La maison Gabrielle-Roy au 375, rue Deschambault à Saint-Boniface


Blogger lesezeichen said...

Regarding Gabrielle Roy I have just finished her memoirs L'enchantement et la Détresse (Enchantment and Sorrow) and the book was oh so wonderful and has made it straight into my Top10 of all time. Among many other things she also tells us about her years as an elementary teacher - and it very evident where her inspiration for Children of My Heart sprang from. What a beautiful book, what a fascinating woman!

November 30, 2006 1:36 p.m.  

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